Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Types of Bricks

Bricks can be classified from different angle of view. For practical use it is often classified as
  • First Class brick
  • Second Class brick
  • Third Class brick

 First Class Brick Characteristics

  1. Burnt uniformly
  2. Uniform color throughout the brick.
  3. Free from cracks, flaws, stones, lime.
  4. If struck with same type of brick good metallic sound can be heard.

Uses of First Class Brick
  1.   Almost all kinds of construction works where bricks are necessay
  2.   Load bearing walls
  3.   Brick soling, pavements etc.

Second Class Brick Characteristics

  1. They are well burnt or slightly over burnt.
  2. Surface is smooth but some hair cracks present.
  3. They might not be of equal size but their shape is equal

Uses of Second Class Brick

  1. Small and less important works like load bearing works of one storied buildings.
  2. Partition walls of buildings where outer surface is to be plastered.
Third Class Brick Characteristics 
  1. They are slightly under burnt or over burnt
  2. They do not have uniform size and shape
  3. They absorb more than 25% of water when submerged in water for 24 hours.
  4. Relatively soft.
  5. They have some signs of efflorescence.

Uses of Third Class Brick
  1. Used in structures of very low importance.
  2. where structure is not exposed to rain.
  3. Walls with low height.


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