Thursday, August 18, 2011

Advantages of Timber

1.Timber can be easily worked with tools of any size and can take a good polish.
2.It is comparatively stronger than any other materials in proportion to weight. That is other materials of such light weight as timber are not stronger than timber.
3.It is economic in the sense that any small piece of timber can be utilized.
4.Its use for making furniture, sports goods and decorative articles of artistic design are accepted universally without doubt.
5.Its low thermal conductivity, high resistance(electricity) and sound proofing property make it as an important building material.
6.timber structures are comparatively durable if properly treated and carefully protected from direct contact with weather and alternate change in wetting and drying.
7.Various types of timber products such as plywood, laminated board. hard board etc are nowadays used because of low weight and beauty.
8.It can be used both load bearing and non-load bearing members in structures and structural connections.
9.Its another importance is great resale value. The discard timber can be used as fuel.Even saw dust can be used by reconstructing partex board, hard boards, laminated boards etc.

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