Sunday, March 6, 2011

Differences Between Mortar and Plaster

                        Mortar                                          Plaster
1.Mortar is the paste made              1.Plaster is thin coat of various
of mixing cementing and inert        composition of mortar which is                                             
 material with water.                       applied both external and internal
                                                          surfaces of walls, ceiling, clolumns
2.Mortar is the ingredient                2.Plaster is the applied work of mortar.
 of plaster                                                                                          


  1. thank you for this entry it helped,but hoped u can put more details(:

  2. what is the actual meaning of LOAD REDUCTION?

    1. Load reduction is an engineering term.It is related to any method which can reduce load on any point or is generally done when a structure is not suitable for high load.The most common method of load reduction is to increase the area of loading.In load reduction load is related to pressure.So if you increase loading area than it reduces pressure on structure.